We would love to hear it. Since these PCs are no longer produced, replacement motherboards are becoming extremely hard to find. Increase efficiency, decrease downtimeReliability and flexibility are key trademarks of Oce solutions – assuring the ability to meet your tough deadlines. With a vast selection of high quality gently used printers, WideFormatsOnSale has nearly any make or configuration you need. The Oce TDS offers a flexible printing, copying and scanning solution that meets your business’ productivity, quality, and cost efficiency requirements. We’d love to help.

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Océ TDS450 Prémia Class (36″)

All of our multifunction printers, copiers, and digital presses are shipped ready to be installed. As spare parts become increasingly sparse, the price level for these parts is increasing exponentially. We would love to hear it.

Ocw resource intensive process of producing technical documents has just gotten easier with the Oce TDS Contact Us info tavco. This scenario will only continue as the aggregate parts inventory dwindles further.

Although an older machine can appear to be great on the outside, there is a potential Achilles Heel lurking inside the PC Controller. Weight Base Units lbs lb. The printers and presses we sell are warrantied to look and operate like new equipment.


Therefore, careful consideration needs to be taken when the repair of a legacy plotter is concerned. WideFromatsOnSale will ship you a top quality Oce TDS printer in perfect condition for just a small fraction of the cost of buying new.

Océ TDS Prémia Class (36″) | Eurocom

We work hard to bring you the latest insights regarding these types of technologies. Our Product Warranty The printers and presses we sell are warrantied to look and operate like new equipment. Sign up for notifications.

When he is not geeking out on new wide-format technologies, you can find him hanging with his wife and kids, playing guitar, or sneaking in a workout. Obviously, legacy NT and XP Operating systems are also no longer supported, so updates and new drivers are no longer developed.

Oce TDS Wide Format

Oce systems are highly regarded for their continuous, trouble-free performance- minimizing system and employee downtime. Professional Set Up and Networking Installation. Our responsibility includes paying for all missing or broken parts and consumables, as well as ocf, for the first 30 days following delivery.

They’re highly affordable because they’ve gone through their initial depreciation cycle. Contact Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Your new wide format printer will be fully guaranteed under our industry leading warranty. Call us now to place your order today! To further ensure the professional presentation of your critical information, the TDS supports printing and scanning up to DPI. Since these PCs are no longer produced, replacement motherboards are becoming extremely hard to find.


If you need immediate assistance, call us on 1.

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Transport warranty, consumable warranty, parts warranty, installation warranty… the works, at no additional cost. Call Now for Details.

This may result in the need to make tdz450 to the copier once the copier arrives at destination. WideFormatsOnSale will ship your order fast and securely. But, while there is an obvious benefit to that, there is also a dark side. Dimensions 50″ x Warranty 5-Year Extended Warranty Available. To ensure timely and secure delivery of your Oce TDSour company has adopted the best shipping tds4550 handling practices in the industry.

As such, the buyer has ample time to have their copier installed by a fds450 technician. Classic supply and demand economics are in full force with legacy equipment.

In fact, our service department has been busy dealing with their share of Oce service issues regarding legacy controller PCs.