To learn more about why certain stores are listed on the site, click here. So i personaly recommend Zowie. They do not reflect our opinions. Button placement is nice, can use the scroll wheel as 3 buttons with the tilt, and can build macro’s into the mouse for a wide array of tasks. Picking one really just comes down to preference and brand favoritism.

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To learn more about why certain stores are listed on the site, click here. I was previously using the G ambidextrous mouse as i prefer finger actuated multi buttons instead of thumb actuated ones as they tend to push your aim off when pressed.

Right now I really feel mousee to using only 2 weapon groups and the scroll button for zoom, I would love to have a mouse with a big 3rd button for another group. It has 8 buttons and software that allows you to reprogram the buttons for just about anything, adjustable on the fly DPI, and 5 profiles you can save to it for different games.

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I find that using a side button pulls the mouse slightly to one side which is unacceptable. I used to run a Gs for lights and a s for everything else but that got cumbersome.


Triordinant, on 29 February – I tried a hex and it was ok but I just couldn’t “love” it. Description Easy to operation This mouse can be used via Bluetooth mouae the integrated display, all you need to do is plug in the battery not included and then the Bluetooth connected or the receiver separately.

I use it for teamspeak. I own and like mouse one problem I found. Surfaces are clean so I’m not sure what it’s deal is. Online Discussion For All. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Wireless vertical mouse Buttons: Been using a Razer Naga for all my gaming for a few mwo-650 now. I bought an overpriced Razer Deathadder a while ago because I liked the design and it broke in less than a year because Razer products are cheaply made garbage.

I’ve been through a lot of gaming mice and I eventually settled on the G If you like, you can supplement the G13 with a bazillion-button gaming mouse on the right hand. Very satisfied with the performance. Varies in sizes depending on preference and hand size. I recently switched to a G, its great for keybinding muose of stuff and has a smaller base so its nice to use with a wrist support.


I have the Razor Tron mouse but have issues accidentally pressing the side buttons because I hold a mouse in a claw grip style.

Both these mice are excellent. Outreach HPG – Mechwarrior: Still working problem free today. Mark Community Read Forums Mark all as read. You can’t go wrong with the Logitech stuff.

Sport Car moyse Interface: Logitech – M – Wireless Sil Bluetooth Wireless Hand Orientation: Ergonomically designed, suitable for long-term use without felling tried. Plenty of buttons and if you care about such things, color changing. P for me anyway anyone got suggestions for ambidextrous mice or just simple lefty ones? Sports Car Mouse Feature 3: