The Eee is always a few seconds faster in each runthrough, which however can’t really be determined subjectively in the performance of both netbooks. First, what is this Netbook? MSI presents four different color alternatives online. Our verdict about this turns out very feeble. Sexually explicit or offensive language Spam: The display is also very convincing in this point. As the picture almost remains unchanged in the optimal perpendicular viewing position “only” reflections impair the representation , you can also take delight in an unusually large stable viewing area on the vertical plane.

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MSI builds in a 1. Furthermore, there is glare type display that principally shows respectable assessment data, but is at a disadvantage in u135ex light conditions in comparison to displays with a matt surface.

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The keys have a comparatively short stroke length and a very distinct pressure point. The given viewing angles turn out surprisingly generous for a netbook. The user can also expect the common standards as communication modules with wireless LAN This is, to a part, especially very annoying during the netbook’s mobile use on the lap.

A serious competitor, the Asus Win pwith a street price on about the same level is already being sold. Please, switch off ad blockers. The trebles are much too dominant even at a reduced volume and sound enjoyment can’t be found at any setting.

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If watching high resolution videos is of special interest, Ion ranges should be favored as the integrated Geforce M G graphic card can support the Atom CPU significantly here. With a gaps of about three millimeters between the single keys, which can be very beneficial for especially compact winx, typos are to be reduced.


As already so often: Because there weren’t any problems in terms of response behavior, there’s nothing speaking against using the pad as a mobile mouse substitute. In addition, there is the risk of permanent traces, such as fine scratches due to frequent netbook packing and unpacking.

Unfortunately, wifu hopes of a performance increase couldn’t be fulfilled.

On the official MSI homepage, packages with an own case and a wireless mouse are shown. This one tip will help you sleep better tonight A few seconds are all you need to get a better night’s rest. A quick look around the netbook proves that there hasn’t really mxi much changed about the given ports, either.

The other extreme, that is to say the minimum possible battery life under load max. Read in the following review if the netbook can benefit from the new, significantly more energy efficient components.

MSI builds in a Intel could reduce the power requirement considerably with u135xx and other measurements, as can be seen clearly in the single TDP-key figures Thermal Design Power of 2W for the new Intel NM 10 chip set and a whole 22W for the older Intel GC chip set. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.


MSI U135dx wifi problem

The big difference in regards to power consumption and battery life in comparison to the allegedly identical Asus p. As pretty as the reflective surfaces may be to look at, everyday use turns out to be even aind tedious. The netbook is allegedly available for starting at euro. The maximum volume is restricted, the sound everything else than worth hearing.

The display, apart from the reflective surface.

The display could make an overall positive impression in the technical measurements. I even restored factory settings but that gave me nothing.

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You’ll u153dx to count with the displayed image being cut on the i135dx edge, especially when surfing in the web or even in many office applications. This was helpful 0. We’ll have to wait and see if MSI makes improvements. The waste air barely has a temperature worth mentioning. The Wind U is one of them and positions itself primarily in the low-priced starter field. As the picture almost remains unchanged in the optimal perpendicular viewing position “only” reflections impair the representationyou can also take delight in an unusually large stable viewing area on the vertical plane.