View More Photo Galleries. Thanks all for the help. The setup is as follows: For system details see the V-Mixing System Overview. Monitor Mix in Headphones? The outputs on the M don’t have anything much to speak of in the way of processing. The LS9 has attenuation and trim adjustments in a post-meter position on all the Omni etc.

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Forums Posts Latest Posts. I guess stereo would work to try it out. I would appreciate any insight. Is there another way I should be doing this?

Roland M Digital Audio Mixer | eBay

On the Yamaha LS9 this was easy as we used the matrix outputs and toland one of them could have its own EQ and delay setup without using the main FX channels. Matthew Knischewsky on July 02, I want to be able to delay the send that goes to the rear rolahd so that they’re in sync. Raleigh, North Carolina Status: Monitor Mix in Headphones?

Here is an explanation http: By the way, a big stampede “HI! Posted 23 January – This really isn’t going to work too well.

Direct to PC recording over Cat5e enables up to 40 channels of direct digital recording. Anyone know of any good tutorials for this or would anyone be prepared to give me a brief point in the right direction?

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Roland M FOH output setup – Blue Room technical forum

While I can’t give you specific instructions, I would caution against using headphones too much Having a pair of headphones handy at all times while mixing is always a good idea. The Digital Split allows lossless transmission to monitoring, recording or broadcast positions. The singers on stage are hearing the monitor AND the stage volume of the band, so just listening to the monitor mix in the headphones will only give you insight to what is coming out of the monitor, not what the singers are hearing.

Is this how you connect it to you pc? The M, although it looks like a cut-down version of the series, is actually an upgrade in a few areas, and this is one of them.

The solution rolamd be as simple as turning down the input gain on the crossover if there is one. Win 10 X64, i5 2.

Roland M400

If so, you would have 4m00 download the usb drivers. Everything is better with pie. The good thing is that the channel strip also has the delay that I needed.


Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Posted 22 January – July 03, This seems to combine 4-band EQ, delay, compression, gate etc into one handy FX slot – I guess this is designed for outputs as most of the stuff is on the input channels anyway. PM for more m40.

Our soundroom is in the balcony and it’s open so there isn’t a way to setup monitors in it so that I can hear what the singers are hearing without disturbing church goers in the middle of the service. View More Photo Galleries.

Is it something on the board I need to adjust, or is an adjustment needed to the power amps? Or add a delay setting to each Matrix out by default. I presume you don’t want delay on the front pair, so you could use the main output 4-band eq or one of the four graphics for that, if you have one spare.

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