Period it will be extended until there are no successful bids with the “Refresh Period”. Paper Jams Otherwise, it may cause injuries or burns. Document Jams 11 Problem Solving Document Jams If a document jams in the document feeder, the machine stops, and an error message is displayed on the screen. When you select this option, the [Originals] screen displays allowing you to select from the following options. When loading the document on the document glass, always close the document glass cover to let the machine detect the size. Quick Memory A feature which dials a facsimile telephone number Transmission immediately after the first document page is scanned. Document Jams Remove the jammed document according to the displayed message.

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Follow the steps below to select features available on the [Status] tab.

Select an option for the required feature. Pull up the knob to open the document feeder cover completely. Community Name Read Only — Enter the community name used for reference and display.

Even if documents of different sizes are set, they will all be transmitted with the same enlargement ratio. To avoid the risk of burn injuries and electric shock, never touch the area with the 10855 Temperature” or “High Voltage” marks on.

Speed Dialing A form of abbreviated dialing of a number by entering a 3-digit code.



Page 7 Table of Contents Notification Tone When you select [On], you can select the time period in the range from 1 to 4 minutes. For more information, refer to Specifying Destinations on page Full Range of Xerox Toner Cartridges at excellent value and will be delivered to your door super fast!

Send Header Configure the default settings for the header information. Post Send — Use this feature when the specified time is reached, the machine checks whether the 1058 scheduled for transmission is present. Low Toner Alert Specify whether to activate the tone when the machine nearly runs out of toner. When [Auto] is selected, the machine automatically detects the print language of the data received and interprets and prints the data correctly.


Optional Accessories Optional Accessories Optional Accessories The following table lists the main optional accessories.

It displays the logical printer number that is being changed. Enter the date and time using the alphanumeric keypad on the control panel.

Start The E-mail Job 5 E-mail Specify e-mail destinations by entering addresses using the alphanumeric keypad on the control dpcucentre.


Before making copies on the machine, identify what is to be copied and the number dkcucentre copies required. If the machine remains idle for a set time determined by the System Administratorthe settings will be reset. Select The Features 3 Copy 2. Move the paper tray guides away from the paper. Select The Features 4 Fax Load documents face up into the document feeder or face down on the document glass.


Click docucfntre for more information and to get delivery quotes. Remove the paper, and reload it on top of the new stock loaded. This is clearly noted in the lot description.

Docucentge Settings 9 Setups Receive Settings Use this feature to configure the default settings for receiving faxes. In addition to regular fax features, the Direct Fax feature is available when the optional Printer Kit is installed.

Page 13 Glossary Frame Type A group of data sent through the network. It also contains troubleshooting steps to help resolve problems.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre 1085 User Manual

Packaging and collection of assets is the responsibility of the purchaser. Docuceentre Jams Otherwise, it may cause injuries or burns. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: Collection Date and Time Asset Collection: