It’s more of a sidegrade than a pure upgrade. But since may be a pretty big hit if I screw it up, it’s better to ask the expert. Results 1 to 13 of 13 Thread: The downside, of course, is that it’s only 32 GB in size. It was the phone call and “about to sue your company if I don’t get this issue resolved” that did the trick. Yupe finally got my after 3. All times are GMT

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Originally Posted by rimmerchant. But since may be a pretty big hit if I screw it up, it’s better to ask the expert.

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All times are GMT It’s a sad fact of life in the Xpd ecosystem, but if you want a machine clean of bloatware and useless, paid-endorsement installed craplets including Google Desktop, I might addyou have to raze it to the ground yourself immediately after unboxing it. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The XPS Mm1330 is one friggin sexy laptop.

Originally Posted by kent Kent you are a genius! It’s also prettier, with its remarkably un-Dell-like svelte, m130 design. I’ve been eyeing laptops with LED displays and solid-state hard drives for a while now, long before I ever saw the Dell M I have the same device in the Device Manager: Do you think that the above instructions will work for me? According to the BIOS warning, this precludes the use of Intel’s Robson onboard Flash memory cachebut with a solid state hard drive in play I don’t think that’s much of a loss.


Dell XPS M1330 Review

I found that switching the hard drive interface from AHCI back to standard fixed that problem. It’s not often you see the jaded PC Magazine reviews dish out this kind of praise: I’d like to ahcl off by saying congrats!

I’ve only had the machine since Tuesday, so I’m drll really in a position to provide a comprehensive review. On top of all that, it uses almost no power and produces virtually zero noise or heat.

I saw this post from several years ago. It’s more of a sidegrade than a pure upgrade.

SATA harddrive running in AHCI or ATA mode. any difference?

Hence I want to revert to windows XP. You have three options at this point: They just need to get the prices j1330 and m13330 sizes up, which will come naturally enough in time. It’s been a while since Dell delivered a laptop that possessed so many awe-inspiring features.

Results 1 to 13 of Last edited by kent; at I have to spend some time googling and hunting for the drivers Check your PM in about 30 minutes. I noticed an increased boot time on my X38 board since there is an extra window in which all the SATA devices get recognized, but no difference on my X board that doesn’t have a separate AHCI bootup window.

Last Drivers  MSP 2950-W DRIVER

Overall, I love the M, and I’d recommend it unconditionally to anyone who shares my preference for an uncompromising, ultralight laptop. You may have to register before you can post: Although I wasn’t unhappy with my ASUS W3J laptopwhich I’ve owned for a little over a year now, it was never quite the ultraportable to match my beloved, dearly departed three pound Dell Inspiron M.

XPS M1330 & SATA/AHCI SSD Installation problem

I ordered it with a hard drive that’s less than half the size of the Ahhci. For one thing, the wedge shape is much more natural; the keyboard descends to meet your hands and the desktop, and it’s always angled up in traditional keyboard form. Hard drive space is one of those things we stopped worrying about years ago; GB desktop drives and GB laptop drives are dirt cheap.

Of course, the first thing I did after getting the machine was format the hard drive. Way to go, Dell. It’s blazingly fast and completely silent.