The Silencer’s software is pretty easy to use and takes no time at all to install. The amount customization available both physically and electronically are great for gaming enthusiasts who like to tweak the hell out of all their hardware. Ok this mouse looks awesome Another nice touch is a choice of two side grips. Cyber Snipa are ready to join the dpi club with their new Silencer mouse. Cyber Snipa Silencer Details Category:

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Slencer i want you to have a look at this mouse too Once your DPI thresh hold is set you can cycle through your different options on the moue and in-game by using the DPI button located at the base of the mouse where you thumb meets your palm. Even after adding all six of 4. This is the same mouse as the Edge from Ace of sweden and Ozone Smog http: The final feature is a weight changing system. To be honest I’ve never used a gaming mouse before and I’ve never really understood why simply changing one’s mouse can increase gaming performance and experience.

Cyber Snipa Silencer Mouse

The Cyber Snipa Silencer has a little more up its sleeve than just a new laser. I have not had a single mouse hand cramp since I started using the CS Silencer.

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I sllencer understand the G, Mionix and Kone being more responsive, but you really think the MX is better? Ok this mouse looks awesome The Cyber Snipa Stinger is one of my favourite gaming mice, as it combines a great set of features with a cheap price.

Cyber Snipa Silencer Laser Mouse

Chris is a devout PC gamer who spends way, way too much time sat at his PC either gaming or writing. Mind you I only altered the weight by Cyber Snipa’s Silencer gaming mouse comes in a sleek black package with a door panel which once opened reveals the mouse in all it’s shiny glory.

I have the prestigio one and its awesome, its the same colour as this one being reviewed but i would love to know why two different companies have the EXACT same mouse.

The silencer software is pretty simple a small window interface presents you with three tabs each wit a different function. Review Sample Provided by: The Silencer’s software is pretty easy to use and takes no time at all to install. Cyber Snipa are ready to join the dpi club with their new Silencer mouse. I like a sensitive mouse. Friday, 26 March D its super responsive and works great for mw2 and bfbc2: Username Password Remember Me Forgot your password? Well that’s how I felt until I tried out a hardcore gaming mouse.

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And can you change the colors of the lights? I personally don’t like to move my right hand much while using the computer due to limited desk space. However there is one problem I did have with the Silencer: PsGalaxy91 on January 5, at 6: Chris on December 16, at It looks like the Mouuse is set to repeat that winning formula by combining a dpi laser sensor with a few other features and still undercut the competition by some margin.

It looks like all of these are the same mice sikencer just slightly different paintjobs. Both grips are made of rubber with one featuring a smooth surface while the other is grooved for added finger support.

Cyber Snipa Review and Pictures by: The mouse is covered by clear plastic allowing for anyone to get a good look at the mouse without opening the box. Inside, You will find and extra finger rest. Same chassis, different innards.