Can you connect this monitor by using VGA connector and see whether the issue can also be reproduced? Could somebody please check whether there’s at least a chance to fix it, or it would be more wise to purchase another graphics adapter? I was able to change the resolution without any problem. Sometimes everything seems to work, but I only need to reboot once and the problem is present again. I’ll get in contact with the kernel team to get this moving on their end. Will you please try the attached debug patch on 2. Sometimes it’s possible to switch back to a working mode by blindly using the shell history.

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Other times this causes the “out of sync” pattern. Could you test the kernels at the URL below and confirm whether they work ok for you: Changed in linux Ubuntu Lucid: Thanks for fixing this while I slept: Pedro Villavicencio pedro on Is this as simple as the cursor scribbling on captkva it’s not meant to?

We will send you an SMS containing a verification code. Jean-Baptiste Vaptiva jibel wrote on Chris Halse Rogers raof wrote on Will you please try the latest linux kernel for example: Bug attachments report-hw edit Xorg.


From the dmesg log e1902d can get one message related with SDVO. Hi Christian, Thanks for the bug report. None, the status of the bug is updated manually.

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Driver Monitor Captiva E – driverslike

For any other tested mode x, x, xI encounter the same out-of-sync problem as descried above. My housemate uses Gentoo, so for him it should be much easier to make the tests on his Laptop. I scanned through the docs I have on hand and the only caveat for cursor positioning is that the VGA popup cursor must entirely be within the bounds of the pipe.

Fiddling with the cursor code does indeed make a difference. Can you try the following patch set on 2. I’ve filled a new bug report here: Thanks for the bug report.

From the system itself only a hard power off is possible.

So, the problem manifests when the pointer is captivx the framebuffer and gets touched. It seems that the issue still exists after removing the vesa fb driver.

I can confirm that the same problem, or something very similar, has returned in Debian Wheezy. Yup, just disabling the cursor around modesetting works. For me, when this bug gets triggered, moving the mouse up and down changes the piece of the framebuffer that’s displayed, and moving the mouse left and right changes how fast it flickers – to the point where moving the mouse to a certain x-position results in a stable albeit vertically shifted display.

Last Drivers  DATAMAX DMX E - 6308 DRIVER

When updating the cursor registers, this register should be written last in the sequence. Anderson walch-martin wrote on I’ll be on vacation from Thursday until Sunday, 18th. When changing the resolution on a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo and a Fulitsu Siemens 24″ display, the X server is hung with colored graphic blocks.

My housemate told me that he has similar problems on his laptop so I assume that more people are suffering from this error.


Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Where will the cursor be positioned when it’s re-enabled after captivva Attached is a git commit applying it to our kernel tree.

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