This is a printer driver for PostScript printing. Sales pages on this Web site use cookies to store user information. Then it occurred to me, maybe I have to change my network settings for this to work? Find out more Accept. Up to 14ppm A4. I remember being the only house on the block with a computer; now many households have several computers, all linked together on an intranet.

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These Agents collect device information from their local Brrother. My desk lamp kept flickering in between, and I also read this about other newer laser printers.

This software allows system administrators to view and control the status of their networked Brother and most other 1470h compliant printing devices. Best Price Promise on this Printer! PDFs mixing text and graphics also come out at a reasonable speed. Printers are not silent, there is the clicking and shuffling noise of paper handling and the noise of fans cooling the hardware down.

And if I can give the printer an IP address, I can easily print to it from anywhere.

Printer Experts Information Call an Expert: I restarted the computer, cycled power on the printer, and tried again. High speed network laser printer features: Try that ten times in a row and you get quite frustrated. Some pictures derived from Brother User and Service guides. If the printer is very slow the issue is usually a graphic on the page.


The 66MHz processor is another limitation – it’s too slow to deal with the big bitmaps on some web pages and PDFs. The documentation offers other methods of setting an IP address, including the Unix arp command. I needed something that would work with Mac OS 9 and X, and there were very few options out there within my meagre price range. I changed the default administration password so no one could change my settings, and turned off unwanted protocols, such as NetWare and NetBIOS.


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Skip to Content Skip to Table of Contents. Brother’s technique of redirecting unused waste toner back to the toner hopper by switching polarities on the waste beother roller and developer is also used.

Once I got the driver installed and installed the driver from the CD on my OS 9 computer and bgother the printer plugged in to the network, printing over AppleTalk was a breeze. If you are printing directly to a Brother network printer also known as peer-to-peer printingthis file includes up to 3 separate peer-to-peer printing utilities depending on your operating system which once installed will allow you to print directly to the appropriate Brother network ready machine.

Even fine text and graphics print well enough at xdpi and this reduces the probability that memory will overflow. Its print tray holds sheets huge compared to the sheet tray on my old 4MLand a second sheet tray is available as an additional option.


Brother HL-1470N

Sales pages on this Web site use cookies to store user information. The HL is no longer made although it may be available from brokers and refurbishers. These printers use a hot-roller fuser heated by a halogen lamp so power consumption varies greatly as the thermostatic control turns the lamp on and off Printing: However fusers for these printers are fairly expensive 1470nn the heated roller may be available as an item.

Mon to Fri 8. Since people look things up on the web both codes are in common use.

1470b much for “bad printer”. A paper drawer sliding into the base of the printer. These printers are over 6 years old Spares: Normal output is to the face-down tray on top of the printer.

Review: Brother HL-1470N

I needed a new networkable laser printer. In conclusion if all you want is a small office printer for text applications the HL will still do a good job. Of course I fed an envelope into the slot.