July 22, at Here is the official word about the cells used in the VPX packs: November 18, at 7: I went back to corded tools for awhile and then got a Ryobi starter kit after using one of their corded tools. I really like the power source. I have Emailed Black and Decker and these tools are not being discontinued. If major hardware stores are going to pick up the product again in anticipation of holiday sales, what does that say, that nobody wants to buy these tools for themselves?

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Black & Decker VPX 1212 Cordless Drill With 2 Rechargable Batteries Vpx1212

The Versapak screwdriver is to this day one of the better small screwdrivers available. I got the multi-pack charged the battery twice now the charger stopped working.

I like the product line, and bought several items for myself plus a couple as gifts. Mostly, the 18vdc battery based hand tools blzck usually under powered and of poor reliability and ruggedness.

How do the two compare? I am still a bit optimistic decier their 7V drivers, but in the end, there are so many better products for just a little extra cost.


The idea of something that would hold the charge so it would be ready when needed is a BIG draw to me, Thanks.

All the Way to China? January 27, at 3: Fast forward 2-years and the line has been fully discontinued and liquidated. April 3, at 9: November 15, at So far, there are limited runtime stats available.

Black & Decker’s New VPX Power Tool System | Toolmonger

May 5, at OH yea and I had to buy 2 chargers as they failed also. Centered around an interchangeable 7V li-ion battery and focusing vx lightweight, compact designs, the VPX series looks quite promising. I am looking for primarily a good basic Lithium battery 18vdc tool line.

I am now selling because I am past 80 and will prob not use anymore October 10, at 2: Basically there just is no room for them on the shelves. And this is 22 lithium ion-powered Dustbuster to boot. Apparently, no one else has the same confidence in their products.

August 21, at November 7, at 8: A full recharge should be possible in about 7 min.! October 12, at 7: I looked on the VPX website and the only technical specs are that is is 7 volts. October 26, at 3: I did buy the vpx starter kit today and the extra battery….


In classic blog form, Toolmonger had an early read on these products that are hitting retail markets over the next weeks. I have Emailed Black and Decker drjll these tools are not being discontinued. March 20, at 1: After handling a few VPX tools on the first day it was released at my local hardware store, I almost broke out laughing.

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